Wednesday, 24 June 2009

SEACOM cable launch delayed

SEACOM Africa mapSEACOM announced today that the African undersea cable project has been delayed - due to pirate activity. The launch date has been moved from 27 June to 23 July 2009. Pirates have been ruling the east coast of Africa for quite some time now and cargo ships are hijacked on a regular basis.

Increase in international bandwidth

South Africans have been waiting in great anticipation for the arrival of this cable since it will substantially increase South Africa's international bandwidth capacity. Along with the other planned cables mentioned below, this will eventually drive down competition of bandwidth prices which will benefit consumers. Currently the cost of broadband in South Africa is significantly higher than in other countries.

Planned undersea cables servicing the African continent

The confirmed cables due to serve West, East and Southern Africa are:

1. SEACOM, East and Southern Africa, 1.28Tb/s – Due 23 July 2009
2. GLO-1, West Africa,640 Gb/s, ready for operations, 2009
3. TEAMS, East and Southern Africa, 120Gb/s – Due September 2009
4. EASSy East and Southern Africa, 1.Tb/s – Due June 2010
5. MainOne, West Africa, 1.92Tb/s, due 2010
6. WACS, West and Southern Africa, 3.8Tb/s, Due 2011


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