Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Cape of Storms

Winter has truly arrived! A big cold front has hit Cape Town in spectacular fashion yesterday with torrential rains, cold weather and gale force winds, causing huge waves. An oil tanker almost stranded in Blouberg due to the strong currents.

The Portuguese explorer Bartolomeu Dias, named the Cape the "Cape of Storms". It was later renamed as the "Cape of Good Hope" by John II of Portugal due to the successful sea route to India/the East.

Here's a spectacular photo taken by Michael Walker (Cape Times) capturing a wave bashing the shoreline at Three Anchor Bay in Cape Town:

Stormy waves at Three Anchor Bay

On a different note, the Emerging Boks played against the British Lions last night in atrocious conditions at Newlands rugby stadium. The crowd of around 40 000 was therefore quite impressive. It ended in a 13-all draw with the Emerging Boks scoring a try in the last minute of the match.


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