Monday, 1 June 2009

Air France plane disappears over Atlantic

Air France Airbus A330-200An Air France plane, flight 447, carrying 228 people from Rio de Janeiro to Paris disappeared from radar while flying over the Atlantic Ocean. Portuguese air control authorities indicated that the plane did not make contact with controllers in Portugal's mid-Atlantic Azores Islands. The plane was scheduled to arrive in Paris at 10h15 (GMT+2) earlier today.

The Brazilian air force have started a search and french military aircraft was sent from Senegal to assist. According to Air France, the plane hit heavy turbulence and several thunderstorms - at this point they consider a lightning strike to be the most likely cause. Although the investigation is ongoing, it is assumed that all lives were lost in this tragic disaster. It will be the biggest loss of life experienced by Air France in its history.

3 June: Brazil navy races to Air France wreckage

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