Wednesday, 8 April 2009

New WACS undersea cable agreement signed today

Undersea cables serving AfricaToday all South Africa's major telecommunication companies signed a formal agreement for the construction of the Western Cable System (WACS), to be completed in 2011.

The African continent is starved for international bandwidth, when compared to the rest of the world. We currently only have one fibre optic undersea cable serving South Africa, Telkom's SAT3/SAFE. The Seacom cable will land in June and any internet geek in this part of the world is automatically excited about the prospect. After all, we've been waiting for years for this to happen. According to World Wide Worx, bandwidth capacity for sub-Saharan Africa is expected to rise from 80 Gigabits per second in 2008 to 10 Terabits per second in 2011.

The confirmed new cables due to serve West, East and Southern Africa are:

1. SEACOM, East and Southern Africa, 1.28Tb/s – Due end June 2009
2. GLO-1, West Africa,640 Gb/s, ready for operations, 2009
3. TEAMS, East and Southern Africa, 120Gb/s – Due September 2009
4. EASSy East and Southern Africa, 1.Tb/s – Due June 2010
5. MainOne, West Africa, 1.92Tb/s, due 2010
6. WACS, West and Southern Africa, 3.8Tb/s, Due 2011

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