Saturday, 11 April 2009

Mama Africa

Mama Africa bar and restaurant

A friend and I decided to go out for dinner last night at Mama Africa in the Cape Town city centre. It's one of my favourite restaurants and I definitely recommend it. Great traditional african food and marimba bands like Abavuki, Abakhaya and Marimba Vibrations ensure an upbeat, lively experience.

Mama Africa entranceI like meat so I had a "Mama's mixed grill" (Crocodile, springbok, kudu, ostrich and venison sausage with vegetables and samp). A nice assortment of game to scare any vegetarian away. ;)

Mama Africa inside

The restaurant staff are friendly and the atmosphere relaxed. Due to the ambience and unique African cuisine, the restaurant seems to be popular with tourists. Note that booking is essential. The whole upper Long Street area has seen a revival of sorts during the last few years so if you're looking for a "night on the town", that's the place to be. Well, at least one of them!


  1. Nice! It sounds yummy. But what is that in the picture?

  2. Yes, the picture you see is not what I had to eat; I just thought it looked good so I put it up!


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