Thursday, 18 February 2010

Make your extensions work in Firefox 3.6

Firefox logoFirefox is my default browser. I use quite a number of Firefox extensions (add-ons) to do certain functions and I've come to rely on them quite a bit. However, when you upgrade to a later version of the browser, some of these extensions are not compatible anymore.

The reason is simple, these extensions are created by external developers and they can only fix the code or release later versions of their extensions, after the newest browser version has been released. Also, some developers don't update their code at all.

Problem - Incompatible extensions

I recently upgraded from Firefox 3.5.7 to Firefox 3.6 and found that two of my extensions didn't work anymore, GMail Manager and Easy DragToGo.

There are two ways to deal with incompatible Firefox extensions:
  1. Set Firefox not to check the compatibility of the extension and ignore it altogether, or
  2. Modify the compatibility version of the individual add-on/extension
Disclaimer: Please note that if you make any changes, you do them at your own risk!

I chose option 2 (see second section on that page) because option 1 doesn't always work with all add-ons and since you're modifying the individual add-on with option 2, there is less risk.

In short, I basically changed the value of <em:maxversion> to 3.6.* in the install.rtf file of each add-on, re-installed the updated add-on, restarted the browser and everything worked again.

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