Thursday, 23 July 2009

SEACOM is live!

SEACOM Africa mapThe 17000km SEACOM fibre-optic undersea cable finally went live today, providing south and east Africa with 1.28Tbps international bandwidth.

South Africa's deprived broadband community has waited for this day for quite some time, considering that the only other undersea cable linking us to the rest of the world is the Telkom owned SAT-3/SAFE cable with a much smaller bandwidth capacity.

Planned undersea cables servicing the African continent

The confirmed cables due to serve West, East and Southern Africa are:

1. SEACOM, East and Southern Africa, 1.28Tbps – 23 July 2009
2. GLO-1, West Africa, 640Gbps, ready for operations, 2009
3. TEAMS, East and Southern Africa, 120Gbps – Due September 2009
4. EASSy East and Southern Africa, 1Tbps – Due June 2010
5. MainOne, West Africa, 1.92Tbps, due 2010
6. WACS, West and Southern Africa, 3.8Tbps, Due 2011

Over the next three years, should all these fibre-optic submarine projects be delivered, the international bandwidth through undersea cables to Africa will increase to an incredible 12.4Tbps.

This increased international bandwidth will ensure a more competitive environment and undoubtedly lead to more affordable broadband prices for consumers.

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