Wednesday, 27 May 2009

FC Barcelona - Champions of Europe

FC Barcelona winning the 2008/2009 UEFA Champions LeagueThe impressive FC Barcelona beat Manchester United 2 - 0 tonight in a one-sided affair to be crowned as the winners of the 2008/2009 UEFA Champions League. It wasn't much of a contest since Barcelona completely dominated possession and had the better of almost all the exchanges. Their passing was simply relentless. Andrés Iniesta, Barca's attacking midfielder was simply incredible. He gets my vote for Man of the Match.

Lionel Messi scoring the second goal with an impressive headerSamuel Eto'o scored first after 10 mins and then the diminutive Lionel Messi, scored in the 70th minute with a remarkable header to wrap up the match. There's always an ongoing debate whether Man United's Ronaldo or FC Barcelona's Messi is the best player. My vote goes to Messi. The scoreline was a good reflection of affairs but if Barcelona scored another goal, it would not have been unjust. Barcelona captain Puyol was unlucky not to score late in the second half.

FC Barcelona completely dominated the Spanish domestic league this season and their coach, Josep Guardiola, is the youngest Barcelona coach ever to win the Champions League. He's had a phenominal year and it's only his first season as manager.

Manchester United, who won the title last season, certainly didn't play their best game today but were gracious in defeat.


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